About This Technologist

Technology, at its best, is invisible. Properly implemented, it should disappear while improving our quality of life. By becoming transparent, it becomes beautiful – and that’s when I become interested. This site is as much about design (architecture, furniture, etc) as it is about tech, because technology is not nearly as interesting if not designed well.

This is mostly a place for me to record the tidbits that fly by in the course of a day for digestion later – a curated collection of articles and imagery that catch my interest.  Hrm. Should have called this “Baleen” or something.

If you’re into technology, good design, beautiful places – please share. I can’t possibly catch everything. Be curious with me.

Postscript: If you’re interested in discussing particular challenges or opportunities, feel free to contact me here by asking questions, or head over to logicpunch.com to get in touch with my IT services and consulting company.

David Foster, Curious Technologist