Wood Coffee Table Levitates via Magnet by RocketPaperRobot

RocketPaperRobot is an engineering boutique specializing in the innovation and fabrication of high-end kinetic furniture, lighting, and installations. They have combined some interesting design with a good bit of physics to turn the humble table into something far more unique, in the form of the Float Table. And science meets luxury in this levitating coffee table composed of hovering blocks that seem to magically shift back into formation when applied pressure is removed. The table works through a system of magnets and tensile steel cables. The polarity of the magnets keeps the individual cubes apart from each other, and the cables keep everything in place. This means that a user can push on the table and it will flex, then once the pressure is released it will return back to its original shape.

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This is just badass. I’ll take a coffee table and – yes, throw in the end table too.