The appropriately strange journey of QWOP’s creator from philosopher to game professor

Bennett Foddy had to make a difficult leap. Moving from one continent to another carries enough difficulties along with it — acquiring visas, scheduling the move, coordinating with his wife and her job, buying food for their new cat. But for Foddy, the biggest jump is not one of location but of profession.

After years leading a double life as a game designer and philosopher, Foddy is looking to make a more permanent break and focus solely on his game work. That decision has led the QWOP creator to his latest teaching and design venture at New York University’s Game Center. And though it marks a split from his philosophy past, without his background and years in academia (and maybe even his time in music), the Game Center may never have been his destination.


Cut Copy, an Australian electronic outfit, began as a one-man band, spearheaded by DJ Dan Whitford. Whitford wrote the entirety of Cut Copy’s music for its first album, Modular Recordings, but he soon sought to expand the group’s scope. He turned to his friends to fill out the band’s sound, which included Foddy. He and Whitford had known each other since they were five years old.

When Foddy joined as bassist to help Whitford pursue his dream, however, it came with an additional burden he did not expect. As an established act, Cut Copy came with a fervent fan base already in place, and Foddy played his first show in front of a crowd of thousands.

“None of us could play our instruments, not that this has ever been a problem for any rock band in history,” Foddy said, joking of this initial experience with the band.

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