Soylent Raises $1M, Reminds Us What’s Wrong With Silicon Valley

“Soylent just locked down more than $1 million in funding for its geeky-nutrient-goop crusade, and when announced on Monday, the news stirred the kind of passion usually reserved for iOS versus Android flame wars.

This is only what you’d expect when the subject is something billed as “food without the hassle.” Few topics are as emotionally fraught as food, and Soylent’s promise to give us a new way of eating is bound to stir up strong feelings. The difference with Soylent is the way it’s pitched in Silicon Valley innovation-speak. The genre is typically focused on identifying some difficulty in modern life and explaining the superior rationality of a new technological solution. Except here the pain point isn’t the difficulty of, say, sharing files across computers or finding a taxi in San Francisco: It’s the act of eating itself.”

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