CEOs look toward disruptive technology more than CMOs
Scott Brinker, chiefmartec.com

CEOs look toward disruptive technology more than CMOs

CEOs have come to recognize, more than ever, that disruptive technology poses the single biggest existential threat to the future of their businesses. Or, on the optimistic side of that coin,…

Disruptive technologies are now the steady leader in what CEOs consider the most important external force shaping their company. This is inself in interesting observation. That CIOs and CMOs instead place Market Forces on firat place is also interesting.

I would argue that it witness on a different view of technology where CEOs don’t see technologies as a lot of systems and tools, but a deeper and more abstract change that among other things transforms markets and the way business is being conducted.

People involved in technology are more likely to have a more concrete view of the area and thus reduce the major force of technology into tools and systems which in reality changes how markets works.

If this analysis is true technology people are probably more blind to the row of other, deeper and more profound disruptive changes technology is having.

E g CIOs don’t see how that the disruptive change of technology is making the CIOs and the IT-departments increasingly obsolete.