Biohacker Implants Chip Into Arm to Take on Evolution

And I thought I was into “wearable tech” but this guy takes the cake!

Tim Cannon is a biohacker (a group that merges human and machine in a DIY style) who is attempting to take on the limitations of evolution. Cannon put a chip in his arm which enables him to record and transfer his own biometrical data. 

“The human body is really really failing in almost everyday. I want to live to be thousands of years old. I don’t want to do. I don’t understand why anybody would” Tim Cannon DIY Cyborg told Motherboard.

The sensor is HUGE and looks as though Cannon has an iPod under his skin. But after a successful operation he demonstrates that data is being collected and sent over to his connected device.

Source: Motherboard

If you can’t beat em, join em. I can only assume that Tim Cannon’s eventual goal is to implant enough circuitry to fool Skynet bio-sensors. Let’s hope he doesn’t bump into any furniture too hard in the meantime…