Incredibly realistic animation of an eyeball.

Love it! Here’s an article about it:

From the article:

The human eye is perhaps the most complicated-looking of all our body parts. It’s got a transparent, highly reflective surface. It’s moist, and it has complex components, like eyelashes, and, of course, the iris.

And then you have to deal with the movement, not just of the eye, but the face surrounding it. Most of us wouldn’t know where to start.

But this hasn’t daunted Chris Jones. He’s taken a sensible approach to animating the human body: do it in bits. And well he might, because apparently (from the information we’ve managed to piece together) the render times have been horrendous – up to a month in some cases. This level of perfection isn’t going to happen in real-time any time soon – but don’t be surprised if you see it in less than ten years time. We believe this was created using Lightwave.