SOVA from Roccat seeks to solve couch-based keyboard/mouse problems

Battery powered modular lap-top peripheral station – looks good to us.

Forbes had this to say:

“The SOVA comes with an integrated wireless 74-key mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches (all of which can be individually lit), nestled into a brushed aluminum base. Below it sits a fairly roomy ergonomic palm rest, and to the right a mouse pad which can extend and retract based on your particular preference. Underneath, the SOVA has padded and ventilated leg rests, and a cable runner for your mouse, should you choose to use a wired one.

That’s where things start to get interesting. You can obviously use a wireless mouse, but the SOVA will transform your wired one into a wireless one, hopefully without adding latency to the mix. It also comes with an “extended life” battery pack (though there’s no way of proving that without extensive testing), and some interesting possibilities for clipping a smartphone or tablet onto the top to use as a second screen, or perhaps Roccat’s Power-Grid app.”

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So, when can we buy this? Would you?