Converting video for RPiLooper with Avidemux.

One thing RPiLooper is picky about is the format of the video it is fed. Here’s a proven method of converting your video into a usable format.

  1. Download and install Avidemux:
  2. Open your video file with Avidemux.
  3. Set Video Output to Mpeg4 AVC (x264)
  4. Configure Video Output – under the General tab, change the Encoding Mode to Constant Quantiser (Single Pass), and shift the Quantizer slider down to a value of 5. (You can play around with values here, as the lower the value is the larger the file will be – 5 works for me). Don’t change anything else.
  5. Set Output Format to Video Only. No configuration changes are necessary here.
  6. Save your file with an .h264 extension.
  7. Profit.

You can refer to the second image above to make sure your settings are correct.

In case you stumbled across this from somewhere random, these instructions are used to create video files compatible with the seamless video kiosk created using these instructions:

Alternatively, you may have come from v1 of RPiLooper, which is here: