Telemedicine for Radiology from SixthSense MedTech

Remote support for radiology centers (CT or MRI) is provided using secure medical telepresence solutions, connecting clinicians and readers to remote centers without on-site expertise. Hub and spoke arrangements with Centers of Excellence providing centralized knowledge are reducing travel costs and increasing productivity by using real-time face-to-face communications for distance proctoring, on-demand support, and clinical support for beleaguered rural teams. Demand for clinical experts is at an all-time high, and telehealth solutions are popping up left and right. SixthSense solutions differ from PACS solutions by providing live connectivity, and offer more data than camera-based videoconferencing products from Cisco, LifeSize, and InTouch Health.

Pretty cool stuff:

From the website: 

The video output of the CT scanner is combined with 3 pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras arranged in the control room and patient waiting areas, providing real-time bidirectional communication between local technicians and remote physicians and readers.  High resolution imagery and lag-free audio allow the remote expert to monitor scans as if they were physically present, and the integrated software solution provides a simple interface to move cameras and change window arrangements from the desktop.

These solutions are applicable to other operating rooms and labs as well, and have been installed in MRI facilities, electrophysiology labs, cardiac catheterization rooms, and hybrid operating rooms.