PowerWalk is a electricity-generating walking exoskeleton

Neat tech from Bionic Power: The PowerWalk is a wearable device, that harnesses energy as the user walks, charging batteries and other devices. It weighs about 850 grams per leg and generates an average of 12 watts of electricity. Reviews showed it actually made walking less of a chore while not restricting movement. More than one hour of walking can charge four mobile phones.


The infobit about soldiers and their dependence on technology is worth a read:

Modern armed forces are becoming more dependent on technology. In particular, the dismounted soldier is increasingly reliant upon portable electronic devices – night vision goggles, small arms laser pointers, laser range finders, GPS, communication devices, personal flashlights and other devices that are essential for soldier safety and effectiveness. Portable power is beginning to be treated with the same “combat supply” priority as water, food, and ammunition. As a result, on a 72-hour mission, soldiers can carry as much as 13 kg of batteries to power this equipment – significantly limiting their range and speed of travel. A number of militaries have acknowledged that this weight is a limiting factor to mission duration and success.

Depending on distance, the cost of getting a $0.30 battery to a soldier “in theatre” is between $3 and $30 due mainly to logistical costs. For a soldier’s typical duty day, the PowerWalk™ M-Series would save $135 in batteries. Assuming 200 mission days per year, the cost savings add up to $27,000 per soldier per year.

Sounds like a must have gear for modern cyberpunks and urban metropolitan hacker-otakus.

[bionic power] [via nextbigfuture]