power of one #timeline

Robotic audio visual installation by Shohei Fujimoto uses a circulating laser to collect and process data to create sound and vision – video embedded below:

In this piece, the entire space is a recording device. A laser is installed in the center of the space. 480 autonomous devices are installed in the space so as to encircle the laser. The laser rotates, performing data entry on the devices. The devices capture and record the times that they are hit by the laser.

The exposure time of the laser is about 10 seconds.
The ambient sound of the space is coordinated with the speed and number of the laser’s revolutions.
When the laser’s exposure ends, a single timeline is formed in each of the various devices.

The contents recorded by the devices are fed back as light and sound. Through the coordination of the devices, the timeline and light trajectory that existed in the space 10 seconds before are regenerated.