Provided for your inspiration and use in the event that your county also bends to the will of your local taxi and limo companies:

I’m writing to let you know how disappointed I am in the stance you and your fellow commissioners have taken on programs like Uber and Lyft vs taxi and limo companies. I have found that I am much less likely to drive myself downtown for dinner and drinks using Uber for one major reason: they will actually show up.

I have never been successfully picked up by a taxi from my residence, even after waiting on hold for an excruciating amount of time to be told that a cab was on the way. Every time I’ve called for a taxi ride to give my business to the restaurants and bars in our city, I’ve ended up driving myself after waiting fruitlessly for the arrival of my promised ride.

Let free enterprise work, and allow competition to force taxi and limo companies to innovate and improve. Let your constituents choose safety over potential DUIs and bad decision making in the face of poor options. Make us proud that our commissioners really do have our best interests at heart.

This is my personal perspective, of course, but I think a lot of people out there can relate. This is what I wrote to the Palm Beach County Commission in response to the cease and desist letter they voted to issue to Uber.

I don’t live in the most taxi-friendly city, so those of you in other locations may have a different point of view, but here Uber has proven to be a very welcome addition. Many of my friends who would never have opted to take a cab and instead routinely drove themselves home after a long night of drinking have been choosing to Uber out at night instead – no excuses made for bad decisions, but I will always be in favor of providing an easier method for people to make good (safe) decisions.

I’m also not the biggest fan of Uber’s leadership (putting it lightly), which makes this issue even stickier. Again, however, I have to choose the safety of my friends: Uber makes it easier for people I care about to choose a responsible way to go out at night.