Kickstarter campaign from Hutoma to develop an online companion app powered by neural networks, and even a social network for these virtual identities:

HER is a digital companion mobile app programmed to be social and fun
to be around; a digital friend you can talk to on your phone, tablet or
desktop. Project HER was inspired by the famous Spike Jonze’s movie.

is powered by a deep learning neural network that learns new things at
every interaction. Her can be pre-loaded with different personalities or
can be re-programmed by you with a simple text file containing sample

Teach your her/him about the world, about what is
right and what is not. Have private conversations or upload your Her (or
Him) to our experimental social network and watch her/him post, make
friends and chat with other users. Compare your her/him with other
uploaded digital friends. See how many human followers your Her will
get. Try to create the next digital celebrity!

More Here

UPDATE – for some reason the project has been cancelled (that was quick …)

UPDATE [19 Nov 2015] – Kickstarter page updated – can be found here