The Dojo hardware is a ‘pebble’ with a set of light rings.

  • Green rings of light indicate that the user’s network is secured and their privacy is intact.
  • Yellow rings indicate that a risk has been detected and automatically mitigated.
  • Red rings of light indicate that an action must be taken in the Dojo smartphone app.

A Dojo smartphone app for iOS and Android allows consumers to interact with the Dojo pebble via a messaging interface, which grants them visibility and control of their Wi-Fi network and connected devices and informs them of potential cyber threats.

What makes Dojo weird is the included Dojo Pebble, which takes four AA batteries and communicates wirelessly with the base station. The Pebble lights up green if your network is good, orange if there’s a problem with malware or another threat that Dojo’s software knows how to deal with, and red if manual intervention is required — like authorizing access. There don’t seem to be any additional smarts in the Pebble, which is confusing because in some of the videos on the Dojo YouTube channel it looks like the Pebble is responsible for scanning and mapping your Wi-Fi, which wouldn’t make any sense.

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