Conductive play dough teaches kids about electricity

Tech Will Save Us is an educational toy company that sells products like create-your-own gaming consoles and bot-building kits for kids. Their latest release, Dough Universe, uses a material similar to Playdough to demystify the complex idea of electrical circuits. Kids can mold the conductive dough into creations that move, flash, and make sound.

Tech Will Save Us breaks down each scientific concept into a separate kit. Bright Creatures lets kids build creations that blink, flash buzz. “This is very much about circuit building and learning about polarity,” Koby says. Squishy Sounds is meant to let kids build musical instruments. “Here kids are learning about resistance—how when they create different sizes and shapes the material will create different kinds of sounds,” she says. The last, Electro Machines, lets kids put their creations into motion.

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