Flipp: the buttonless remote that connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi

Flipp is a Kickstarter project with a single goal: enable you to easily control your music. As the enthusiastic pitch video points out, there are plenty of smart home remotes that are packed with tons of features for controlling all sorts of things in your home — but sometimes, you just want a simple way to listen to music.

And things don’t get much simpler than Flipp. It’s a roughly palm-sized disc that does exactly four things: play / pause music, control volume, skip songs, and skip playlists. Each of those actions is tied to a specific motion based on which way you’re holding Flipp. Rotate it with the speckled white face up, and you control volume. Flipping (get it?) it over to the black side while rotating it signals the remote to skip through songs on a playlist. Press and rotate to switch between different playlists. And press the remote once toggle play / pause — no matter which side is up.


TheVerge has a good writeup on this cool little kickstarter.