Interactive Design project by Stijn van Iersel is a closet with magnetic hangers which give hanging clothes personalities (from dancing to falling out with each other) – videos embedded below:

[This one is more musical]

A wardrobe that expresses your clothes’ identity through movement, personal yet willful. During the day, hidden within a closed closet, the hangers mind their own business. Interacting with each other accordingly to the identity provided by the clothes. When your closet opens, two worlds collide. The hangers respond in a way that fits human like behavior; happy to see you, scared of your bad temper in the morning, etc. Expressiv learns about your dressing habits and can encourage you to try different combinations. Picking your favorite outfit day after day might make others jealous. Operating Expressiv just by using it makes it blend in to your daily life perfectly. The hangers move freely along a field of electromagnetic sectors integrated in the top surface of the closet. Identity is determined by RFID stickers inside clothing (already used in shops for theft prevention) this is combined with NFC to achieve more complex interaction. Inductive charging allows hangers to recharge in the corner when needed.