Free Seamlessly Looping Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk (RPiLooper v2)

RpiLooper v2 for Raspberry Pi B+ is here:

We’ve modified the video looper we designed for internal use to make it both a little easier to use and to install. As a recap, this is a very gently modified Raspberry Pi installation that is designed to auto loop a video file with no gaps between playback loops. This method does not support audio. If you require audio for your solution, take a look at Steve Hickson’s solution – his method does support audio, but there’s a 1-2 second delay between loops.

These instructions are much simpler than v1:

  1. Download the RPiLooperv2 image from here:!75hX1SDL!mo0kYNyk5UOfNXcxXBggjfhUgcKRNd_ITwk0RD97MNw
  2. Copy the image to an SD card with a capacity of at least 8GB (image is 3.64 GB) using these instructions:
  3. Convert your video loop file to the appropriate format using these instructions:
  4. Copy your video file into the root of an external USB thumb drive (FAT32 format)
  5. Insert SD card and USB thumb drive into Raspberry Pi, connect monitor, and power it up.

After a few seconds, your video should pop up and start seamlessly looping away. To change the video being looped, just pop out the USB stick, replace the video file with a new one (again following instructions from step 3 to create a compatible file), replace the USB drive and reboot the RPi.

The primary differences between v2 and v1 are the ability to play files from an auto-mounting USB drive and the availability of a ready-to-boot image.

Happy looping!

If there’s interest in seeing a step-by-step how-to to roll your own from a stock Raspbian image, let us know.

Update: There has indeed been interest in a step-by-step guide, so we’ve gone ahead and posted one! Click here.

And here’s a sample converted video file you can use for testing and troubleshooting: