A World Of Open Source Sex Toys, Built By Three Georgia Tech Students

“The Stitchfest hackathon at UPenn didn’t know what was coming when Andrew Quitmeyer and Firaz Peer built an Arduino-powered genital shocker for their DIY hacking contest. This was no stunt: Quitmeyer intends for the DIY sex toy to be one of an open source suite when he opens Comingle next August–what he hopes will be the “Adafruit of sex toys.”

The “Electric Eel” prototype uses multiple conductors to zap the wearer’s shaft with low-voltage electricity–which is physically stimulating and definitely won’t burn, Quitmeyer insists, who bravely donned the prototype in front of hackathon judges. Though none of them would try out the prototype, says Peer, one licked an equivalent electrode-lined sheet of fabric…and found it pleasurably shocking.”

The MIT of the south is hard at work.

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