DARPA Jetpack developed to help every soldier run 4 minute miles but currently provides 5-12% assist

Nice What if? project from scientist at Arizona State, who developed a small personal wearable jetpack for DARPA to help soldiers run faster.

Let’s combine this with exoskeletons & fire-resistant synthetic spider silk body-armour and you get the futurific soldier from the future.

What if every soldier could run a four-minute mile? That’s the goal behind 4MM, or 4 Minute Mile, a student project to create a wearable jetpack that enhances speed and agility. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a faculty mentor, Jason Kerestes is the mastermind behind 4MM. He built a prototype of the jetpack and is now testing and refining his design to be as effective as possible.
The 4MM project is part of an ASU program called iProjects, which brings students and industry together to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. See an overview of this year’s iProjects here: researchmatters.asu.edu/videos/students-solve-industry-challenges-through-iprojects
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