First look at the new Raspberry Pi B+

“Earlier today the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new board. Perhaps somewhat unexpectedly however, it’s not a board to replace the current model B, but a B+ board, and it’s what the model B should have been all along.

In the two years since the launch of the original Pi there have been a lot of complaints about how the board was put together, although none of these problems have ever seemed to have any impact on the massive success of the board itself. However the new model is aimed at putting all of these problems to rest, once and for all.”

Meet the Raspberry Pi Model B+ in this video.

Notable points include more usb ports and GPIO pins. Quite a few components have been moved around, so bad news – your old cases aren’t going to work. Also the composite video and audio ports are combined, and power consumption has been reduced. Clumsier hackers will be happy to find that corners have been rounded. We’re personally big fans of the change from the standard SD card port to micro SD. Oh, and the price is the same as the B.

Don’t worry, the B model is still supported and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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Also, here’s a massive guide from Adafruit going through all the differences between the B and B+.